Chair, appointed by the President
Janet Mosher
Vice-Chair, elected by the Council
Israa Izzeddin
Secretary to CSC, Office of the President
Mikhaela Gray
Faculty Member, LA&PS
Professor Uzo Anucha and Professor Jack Rozdilsky
Faculty Member, Faculty of Science
Professor John Amanatides
Faculty Members, Lassonde School of Engineering
Professor Ahmed Eldyasti
Faculty Member, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Ray Rogers
Faculty of Education Representative
Faculty Member, Faculty of Health
Cheryl van Daalen-Smith
Faculty of Arts, Media Performance & Design Representative
Terry Wright/John Mayberry
Schulich School of Business Representative
Manuela LeFranc
Acting Director, Security Services
Aldo Altomare
College Master appointed by Council of Masters
John Mayberry
Director, Housing
Debbie Kee
Director, Grounds, Fleet, Waster, Glendon
Meagan Heath to represent Bob Smith
Director, Maintenance
Steve Sicluna
Senior Manager, Planning, Design and Transportation
Helen Psathas
Chief of Staff and Director, Government Relations, Office of the President
Ijade Maxwell Rodrigues
Senior Executive Officer, VP Finance and Administration
Robert Castle
Representative, VP Academic Division
Paul Elliott
Representative, Occupational Health and Safety
Tomorr Cerriku
Representative from Communications and Public Affairs
Elisa Romano
Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights
Michael Charles
Director, Student Success Strategies
Ross Mcmillan and Brendan Schulz on behalf of Catherine Salole
Director, Office of Student Relations
Debbie Hansen
Residence Life Coordinator (coordinated through SCLD)
Matt Harris
AVP Human Resources
Teresa DuCroix on behalf of David Coward
Residence Council Representative (coordinated through SCLD)
Meagan Ferriss and Mark Subetki-Tan
Representative from Sport and Recreation
Peter Mumford
YFS President (or representative)
Rawan Habib and Alexandra Williams
GSA President (or representative)
Katie Florko
GCSU President
Brandon Cheong
4 Student representatives (coordinated through Student Success Centre)
1 College Student Council President (coordinated through SRR)
Krista GoKool
1 Faculty Student Council President (coordinated through SRR)
Albara Hassan
Siraz Chatha
Centre for Women and Transpeople
ACCESS Centre - AbleYork
Israa Izzeddin
York University Black Students Association
2 Students at Large
Shelby Crawford, Maharshi Jani
1 representative from campus Daycares to be appointed by the President’s Office
Lesley Powell
Harry Crowe Co-op Association
Colleen Duncan
1 representative to be chosen from campus commercial vendors
Sunil Taneja
Scarlett Farquhar
CUPE 3903
Sheila Wilmot
CUPE 1356
Michael Mahon
Adam Saleh
CPM President (or representative)
Katherine Branton
Osgoode Hall Faculty Association
Meghan Carrington
Toronto Police Services
Sgt. Stephen Hicks
Representative from the Black Creek Community Collaborative
François Yabit
Executive Director, Counselling & Disability Services
Marc Wilchesky
Executive Officer, Office of the University Librarian
Steve Dewar
Representative from Glendon Women and Trans Centre
Whitney Van
Representative from YUSC-York University Student Centre
Patricia Yeboah
Representative from ISAY - International Students Association at York
Representative from Aboriginal Student's Association
Mack Young
Staff Representative to the Board of Governors
Manager Community Relations
Amanda Hickman
Faculty of Graduate Studies Representative
Melissa Qi
Executive Director, Community Safety Department
Samina Sami
Advisor, Policy & Programs, VPFA
Elana Shugar
Advisor, Education & Communication
Nadia, Bello
Chair, CSC Audit Sub-Committee
Anne Moore